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Wuabit to provide Digital Currency to WhatsApp Users

Wuabit to provide Digital Currency to WhatsApp Users

Wuabit, a new crypto wallet service, will soon offer crypto services to WhatsApp user via Bitcoin. Thanks to the immense network popularity of WhatsApp, Wuabit chose WhatsApp as its first launch platform.

This latest innovation is an effort to promote the widespread adoption of cryptocurrency in the world. A team of developers at Wuabit have created a wallet that will allow its users to access digital currency services from within their favorite messaging applications such as WhatsApp. Using the Wuabit service users will soon be able to send, receive, trade, and perform other tasks relating to crypto assets from applications they are already highly familiar with.

The service has been called AI-powered “software agent” by the developers. It will allow the users of WhatsApp to send and receive Bitcoin payments using chat commands in the popular messaging application. WhatsApp-facing service by Wuabit is currently near to completion and ready to launch, and the team will later provide similar functionality for Telegram, Facebook Messenger and Viber.

In April 2019, Wuabit will launch a beta test of the service for the public. It has plans to add more services to the software and integrate price checking and trading in the near future. It will further accommodate other popular crypto projects with the service. Alongside the cross-platform support, Wuabit will later include other major digital currencies like Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ether.

The application is simple to use and have been designed keeping in mind the novices in the field. While using it, it is compulsory to add a new contact to the address book, and use it as a chatbot by ordering it what to do through text messages, for example, “Send 0.05 BTC to Vera”. Initially, the chatbot will be available in English language only. Moreover, you can add the service number of Wuabit in your phonebook and initiate a conversation by simply asking the balance in your wallet as the Wuabit will use Lightning Network so that the transactions will be processed quickly at a cheaper rate.

Besides providing support for other crypto assets, Wuabit will extend the service to other messaging applications such as Telegram, Facebook messenger, and Viber. The team of developers at Wuabit is driven by the same goals as those of Tippin – the browsing extension of Twitter Lightning Network.

The introduction of Tippin and Wuabit is a noble effort by the developers to promote the adoption of cryptocurrency worldwide. Both of these services require users to educate themselves and take additional steps instead of just downloading WhatsApp or having a Twitter account. Thus, to get more people to use digital assets, it is necessary to wholly integrate digital wallet services into popular existing applications or products. Did you know S10 – the flagship model of Samsung, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world now comes with a built-in crypto wallet?

Wuabit is a ‘newly launched’ chatbot wallet for Whatsapp and other IM platforms that will allow anyone to transact with cryptocurrencies as easy as chatting. WhatsApp is the ‘second’ most popular chat app – only behind its sister platform Messenger. If implemented properly, Wuabit can tap a lucrative user base in a short period, leveraging the messaging platform’s existing users.

Other popular messaging services like Telegram and KakaoTalk are exploiting and employing crypto bandwagon to introduce blockchain-based currencies on their platform. Not only this, but Facebook is also developing its native digital coin which can be used across all platforms owned by the social media giant – Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.


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