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Token Market launches new Security Token Offering (STO) serv...

Token Market launches new Security Token Offering (STO) service

Gibraltar and London based token sale advisory firm, TokenMarket has gladly announced the launch of its new Security Token Offering (STO) services.


The TokenMarket platform is definitely a well-known specialist in ICO matters, which has gone with more than 30 token sending ventures – extending the range of operations. The organization will add Security Token Offering to its administrations, that is, the arrival of securities tokens and related administrations.

The STO service will provide support with all the functional aspects of issuing tokens to issuers and investment banks, including home-developed, world-class security token structures.


However, the primary clients are probably going to be little and medium-sized organizations, who do not have many ways of accessing debt financing.


TokenMarket helps guarantors with an assortment of administrations including tokenization of new and existing resources on the blockchain, programming of related token rights, for example, profit and voting rights into the smart contract, on-chain regime, and also more general strategic and technical advisory.

In this context, tokenization refers to the way to convert rights to equity or debt tool into a token; the digital portrayal that lives on a blockchain. Tokens hold the investor’s protection of a regulated asset, yet at the same time appreciate the advantages of blockchain innovation with quick settlements, borderless dispersion (as per legal and administrative prerequisites) and counterparty risk alleviation.

While the monetary directions are acclimating to blockchain innovation, the investment types are probably going to be private placements and crowdfunding of SME development organizations, real estate, and investment funds.


Rosen Salovaar, CEO of TokenMarket said,

“We are pleased to start a new chapter by offering solutions and services for asset tokenization. Having the experience of conducting an ICO worth $ 350 million, we learned a lot about the release of tokens, from technology to strategy. Now we are holding talks with representatives of various industries on how best to conduct STO for start-ups and growing companies. “

Salovaara additionally acclaimed that unlike other players, smart contracts that are intended to be utilized for asset tokens have been over and again tested by the ICO practice.

Mikko Ohtamaa, CTO of TokenMarket said,

“Our token sale smart contracts have been battle tested in dozens of offerings including ones from third party vendors. Likewise, our STO toolchain will be available under the Apache 2 Open Source License. We are excited for what the future of our STO service holds." 

The regulatory efforts of the TokenMarket are going on because the company was acknowledged in the FCA administrative sandbox in July this year. What’s more, TokenMarket has been given a trial period to test and measure the usage and the act of tokenizing value in the UK. The TokenMarket has additionally got the endorsement of “In Principle" Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) from the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Review that tokenization of ordinary assets – shares, bonds, securities, and so on – a point that is progressively keen on players in financial markets.

For instance, in August Huobi invested in the trading platform for tokenized assets OpenFinance. In July, the Stock Exchange of Malta and OKEx reported a joint venture to make a trading stage for tokens.

At the beginning of September, another member of the administrative sandbox FCA, the Fintech start-up Globacap, issued its first tokenized resource as per the standards of British enactment.


Manisha is a freelance journalist with a passion for writing about food, travel, business, cryptocurrency and blockchain. Her interests are varied and her language is clean and descriptive.

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