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Staff from nuclear plant has risked plant meltdown for crypt...

Staff from nuclear plant has risked plant meltdown for crypto-mining

A worker of Ukrainian’s nuclear power plant will be constrained compensation for “stolen” power after he set up an unlawful bitcoin mining activity at the station.

The illegal activity became visible when the SBU, Ukraine’s inner security administration, looked through the office a month ago and found cryptocurrency mining equipment.

Cryptocurrency has been the rage for the last 5 years. However since the fall of Bitcoin value in 2018, there has been slowdown in the technology advancement. The price is picking up slightly now as the basic principle of a group of people with a computer earning more money that they could get in their lifetime remains true. This craze is the reason for people to work on crypto mining while also doing their day job.

There has been an incident recently in which an employees of a nuclear power plant has done crypto mining using company resources and on company time.

According to the report, staff from Ukrainian power plant have risked the safety of the nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrency. Shocking..? Read on to know more.

What has happened here? It seems that a number of workers have brought crypto mining systems to the workplace. Then they would run these systems from the office. This gives them the benefits such as free electricity. They do not have to pay electricity bill for the crypto mining. This is similar to the case in which a Chinese school headmaster used the school system to mine cryptocurrency.

One difference with this Ukrainian case is that they had to connect the systems to the internet and they have used company internet to run the same. They have also bypassed the firewall security to connect with the internet. The nuclear power plant has no security other than the plain old windows defender. This could have been the right opportunity for hackers to bring havoc.

What Has Happened Since then?

The use of company systems have been found out due to the government raid on the premises. This has led to the arrest of a number of staff members. The government has seized the equipment of the staffers. The offenders face a serious charge leading to custodial sentence. The offense is not just stealing electricity and internet bandwidth but compromising the nuclear power plant security. This has happened because the power plant does not have a technology policy. It is found that there are at least 2 mining systems used with around 11 AMD Radeon 470 graphics cards.

Employees are engaging in such defiance because of the craze to win big money from crypto currency mining. Companies and governments should take efforts to ensure that crypto currency mining does not happen within the company premises.



Cryptocurrency investor, software developer and talented musician, Larry Thrasher has been studying the blockchain industry since 2014 and has some great insights into the workings and functioning of technology.

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