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PwC India plans to hire women talents in emerging tech field...

PwC India plans to hire women talents in emerging tech fields

The PwC of India is engaging in anew run for hiring female candidates. Padmaja Alaganandan is known to be the chief people officer. According to the officer it can be stated that the firm is playing a major role in focusing on the hiring of good quality of talents. They basically are engaged in the work of making a great effort so that they can ensure that the consideration of the pool is for hiring sufficient women representation. Basically, the main aim is to build good and skilled leaders for the bright future.

An announcement made by the chief people officer Padmaja Alaganandan

Basically, in India, there are many engineering colleges which are having a great number of male candidates who are eligible but still the work is mainly based on the women engineering institute. The plan is being carried on during the time of campus hiring plan and based on only female candidates.  The company is basically now re-skilling its employees by providing them with a lot of role mobility and learning programs. So according to Padmaja Alaganandan, the up-skilling of the employee is also taking place across all kind of levels. The professionals of PwC are also engaged in providing them with fresh and skilled talents.

There are many skills that are in demand now which will be helping them to grow fit for their bright future. The ecosystem for the business is growing at a greater rate and so they are fighting a lot to establish a good place in the ecosystem of business. Keeping fresh talents is very difficult in recent days. Moreover, the employees must also be re-skilled to cop up with the new challenges. They must get out of their daily routine of work and must take different roles to make the company shine in the future. Mention must also be made that there are some digital acumen programs which start from the leadership levels only.

Focus areas that are based on the growing talents

The basic focus is on the skill sets especially in those areas which are core to strategy. However, high-quality management professionals, as well as the engineering professionals, will be continuing with the core with a lot of acquisition that is related to talents. These talents must also be having different background professionals.

They basically are bringing a lot of a number of urban planners, social scientists, psychologists, environmentalists, journalists, designers, former start-up founder and also former defense personnel. All these categories will be engaged in the thinking approach of the overall design along with the method of problem-solving. Now, this is the time that this trend will start to grow. They are also engaged now in making up talents that are skilled in the field of cybersecurity, robotic process automation, blockchain and also advanced artificial intelligence. So let’s hope for the best and it can also be stated that they are hoping for the bright future with a good process of instigation.



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