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Privacy coin Grin received $300K BTC as mysterious donation

Privacy coin Grin received $300K BTC as mysterious donation

The Grin project developers of cryptocurrency are fortunate to receive a donation of around 50 BTC which add ups to $300,000. The above news became very much prevalent during the weekly meeting that took place by the developer for marketing the touting. Touting is known as fair launch which stands for the leaders of the project that haven’t raised any kinds of the fund through the ICO or the Initial Coin Offerings. They didn’t even raise the fund via private selling of the tokens. So according to the above condition, it can be said that the Grin Protocol development is almost entirely dependent on the donations and also on the funding of the crowd.

All about the recent donation of 50 BTC

Later back in the month of January a novel technology for obfuscating the information of the transaction was launched by the Grin leverages. Users are able to donate the funds to around five different addresses of the public at any point in time. The donation is made by the public addresses which accept, Bitcoin, zcash, Etherium, and Grin. The recent donation that took place was mined recently on Sunday by the Bitcoin blockchain. This donation was placed in the address of Grin bitcoin SegWit, and a total of 50 BTC was placed which comes to a total of around $300,000. The above donation is proof that the model of Grins funding is working.

Increment of value to a total of six times when compared with initial funding of 2019

There was also recent news regarding the Grin project. The latest news is regarding the financial state of the Grin project which states that there is an increment of two-fold that also for the past four months. The increment of funding is around the estimation from a total of $65,237.35 to a total of $123, 423.73. So with the new donation of these 50 BTC that is approximate of $300,000 the project of Grin funding is having the value which is almost six times of the value with which the project has started earlier in the year of 2019.

So if it has gone forward, it can be said that the expectation of putting the funds will be towards the needs of the projects that are deploying of key infrastructures, building, marketing development, website designing, mining of hardware designing and even more.


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