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Now anyone can create blockchain using 3 simple steps

Now anyone can create blockchain using 3 simple steps

The ARK Ecosystem has launched ARK deployed v2, a delegated proof-of-stake blockchain. They have introduced the concept of a smart bridge to link blockchains so that they can connect and communicate.

At the same time, the apps that are created using a blockchain reaches a wide audience and gains the ability to attain more functionality (like bitcoin can gain access to altcoin’s functionality and vice versa) with the help of an ARK token.

Making your blockchain smart bridge compatible takes a small code implementation, and the rest is taken care once you are connected to ARK via slack chat.

One such advantage of doing so is that you can access the data of other blockchains. This technology gives the transaction validation power in the hands of a miner.

The encoder listener keeps an eye on the transaction made and can help in the process while charging for doing so.

When it comes to new ideas, unlike the previous version, it creates instances for the network’s main chain, helping implement new things simply by providing a customizable environment.

Its ease makes it accessible to younger children as well. In addition to handling values, it can facilitate children in issuing currency and playing games. In the scenario of development, the ARK team stated:

 “The ARK Deployer revolutionizes a previously lengthy and complex process, and significantly reduces the barriers to entry of blockchain technology […] the intuitive user interface means that anyone, regardless of their technical experience or background, can build, customize and deploy their own blockchain by utilizing an easy-to-follow tool.”

Blockchain technology is responsible for the distribution (and yet not copying) of digital data. This is done by linking record, called blocks, using cryptography.

Each block that is the part of the chain has three values in it-

The hash of the previous block

The hash function provides a fixed size string of bytes for every input string, which is encrypted and hence makes transactions safer.

A timestamp

Timestamp records the time of sending the message digitally.

Transaction data.

This is the data to be transacted

The fact that a blockchain only fails when an attacker finds messages with the same hash values; this fact is the reason for blockchain’s security.

The ARK deployer is the reason why blockchain has become child’s play

It is designed for literally anybody who wants a secure network, be it an enterprise, any organization (with a non-technical basis) or a novice in the field of the technology itself.

The deployer works on 3 customization levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Choose a level, and you have a custom created blockchain ready in less than 30 minutes.

It has an easy-to-use interface and the availability of parameters like block time, number of delegates and any others, relevant to the organisation. Using variable sliders and input fields make it an easy set up.

Field explanation from preparation to launching provides hand holding to any person in addition to the supporting guide.

Anyone would choose blockchain when it is available at such ease and with such features for you to be comfortable with. Its key benefits are immutability and security, which is an outcome of cryptography and resilient, decentralized network.

Following in the footsteps of ARK, Salesforce introduced their own low- coding platforms, which provide companies with the option to dwell into networks, workflows, and apps that facilitate the sharing of verified, distributed data sets across all converted parties.

Blockchains are the best way for asset tracking, credentialing, and goods and services verification.

Making the breakthrough technology simple is the main initiative of introducing a tool like this. The companies feel secure because they have complete knowledge of the blockchain that they will be implementing themselves.

The sales force blockchain has three components-

  • Blockchain builder, a toolset to develop blockchains;
  • Blockchain connect, to connect apps with Salesforce;
  • Blockchain engages, to invitations to use apps designed on

Making blockchain accessible to everyone has opened the floodgates for companies to experiment with it to lure others to try everything that there is to it. Also, the development of technology becomes more global and interactive now, where ARK and Salesforce are just a beginning.

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