Podcaster Peter McCormack sued by Craig Wright

Podcaster Peter McCormack sued by Craig Wright

Bitcoin was introduced in 2009, and as per the sources, Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder. People were not showing much interest in it in the early days, but its value gets increased over time. The rate changed, gone up and down too; and as of now, one bitcoin is equivalent to $5,296.

But in 2015, Craig Wright announced himself as the creator of bitcoin. He even said that under the name of Satoshi, he and his team developed and released bitcoin in the market. Since then, many people opposed this and lots of debates happened too. Critics also started bashing him saying he is fake.

The Dispute Between Peter and Craig

Peter McCormack is a bitcoin podcaster, and in one of his podcasts, he said about Craig Wright in a defaming way. This is not the first time someone has said cynically about Craig as he is a fraud and not the original Bitcoin founder. But Craig wanted to teach the guys a lesson who are trying to defame him. Along with Peter, Craig also filed a lawsuit against Buterin too.

Wright told Bloomberg,

“I am mainly seeking people who have a perceived authority within the cryptocurrency industry, so Vitalik and Peter McCormack. They have been sent the opening letter outlining the case already.”

“This will give me the chance to prove my credentials in front of a judge rather than being judged by Twitter.”

After the tweets made by these two people against Craig, most of the other people started bashing Craig with tweets and personal messages. He had to delete his twitter account and then decided to sue both Buterin and Peter.

So, he filed a lawsuit on Peter McCormack for defaming him on social media and around 100,000 Euros penalty has been levied on Peter. The lawsuit was against others as well who were spreading negative comments on Craig.

As indicated by the official court report, Wright takes note of that he believes that the assaults against him are actually intended to harm Bitcoin Satoshi Vision [BSV]. The report said,

“Wright maintains that BSV is the real target due to its capacity for massive on-chain scaling, which represents an existential threat to the future of other cryptocurrencies, the flawed design of which prevents them from scaling to meet the needs of a truly global financial platform.”

Generally, people can be sued for defamation when it meets certain requirements under a civil action, and they are fined for it. As we observe in this case, there are proofs which are shown in the court like twitter tweets which got favorable for Craig.

Responding to this, Peter offered Craig Wright a deal for which he has not responded yet.

A deal by Peter McCormack

So according to the lawsuit, Peter has to pay 100,000 euros to Craig. He said that he would give another 50,000 euros and agree to all terms and conditions but on one condition. Craig should return bitcoins of worth 50,000 euros to peter from genesis block.

Craig Wright has not responded to this deal yet. Craig also wants an injunction so that he may not face these social media attacks again on the future.

If Craig has any problems converting 50,000 euros to bitcoins, Peter has improvised the deal too. Now he just needs 1$ worth of Bitcoin from the genesis block, and he would accept all the terms and conditions and pay 2,50,000 euros as a penalty to Craig, as per his tweet. People around the world who are following this news are eagerly waiting for Craig reply.


While there is no official proof’s for stating Craig Wright as the creator of Bitcoin, the reality is still unknown. The only thing people know is the name, Satoshi but no one knows how he looked like. There are many theories on the internet, but most of them are just false assumptions.

Before criticizing Craig Wright, be careful. He is filing lawsuits against people who are trying to defame him on social media and any other platforms.


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