PewDiePie into the world of blockchain by establishing a par...

PewDiePie into the world of blockchain by establishing a partnership with DLive

Youtube has been the platform for entertainment where many YouTubers become famous while others are least noticed. Mention may be made of the superstar Felix Kjellberg who is also known as the PewDiePie. The superstar has recently announced about his partnership with the world’s largest blockchain streaming community that is DLive. All this was posted in his recent video which was published as a series of meme review. On that video only, PewDiePie said that he would be entering the world of blockchain by establishing a partnership with DLive.

The verdict of PewDiePie regarding his new decision
PewDiePie said that the mission of DLive is for creating empowers by the revolutionary system of their reward. According to him, it is good at having a website which is creator-based. And now that he is very much excited for the matters related to DLive and he will soon be posting by means of live streaming.
Youtube is now setting a high bar for the content creators which is creating difficulties to rely on youtube. The challenges are related to the source of income which is because of the requirement of monetization. This is even more difficult for those who are a newbie or small Youtubers.

DLive is almost similar to youtube which allows the content creators to stream live video for the audience. Moreover, they can have more benefit from DLive as it does not cut the income from either the platform’s user or the broadcaster. This makes sure that the content creators will be receiving an earning of almost around 90 percent of the original amount. DLive is the platform which helps both the users as well steamers to benefit from it.

An impact that may take place on Youtube
However, it is not at all sure that PewDiePie will be shifting to the new platform. It may also be possible that he may be active on Youtube as well as on the DLive. For starting the move, PewDiePie confirmed that he would be donating almost around ten thousand dollars to other 100 content creators on DLive. The first stream was promised by him which may take place on this Saturday that is on 14th of April.
The decision was taken by PewDiePie after a record of competition with the T-series. They both are crossing each other. PewDiePie is having a total of 93.7 million subscribers whereas T-series is having a total of 93.4 million subscribers. Initially, the hosting of DLive was on the steem blockchain. There were many concerns which arose regarding the steem blockchain, and so it shifted from that to Lino blockchain. The concerns aroused because the steem blockchain was using reward contributors. All these are to enhance proper growth.
So still it is not sure whether PewDiePie will be present in both the platform or he will be shifted to DLive. All eyes are on the streaming that will take place on this Saturday that is on 14th of April.


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