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How cryptocurrency can help to ease Traditional Online Trans...

How cryptocurrency can help to ease Traditional Online Transaction Problems

With the headway in innovation, the world is quickly making its stride towards the universe of digitization. At the point when paper notes and cash were the primary choices for payment, and just transaction was through banks, somebody thought about the idea of the online transaction system and net banking frameworks. These payment strategies included centralized payment gateways where you expected to give the data of your account details and other personal details and the exchange turned into a matter of a couple of minutes.

But, everything accompanies a cost. These payment portal arrangements had loopholes, and there were numerous weaknesses which drove the instances of frauds and trickeries concerning individuals’ hard-earned money.

Disadvantages of traditional online transaction

Let’s take a look at these disadvantages:

  • Slow transactions and involvement of the third party
  • High transfer fees
  • Risky payments
  • Misuse of personal information

Over the most recent couple of years, we have come many miles ahead and have possessed the capacity to take care of these issues. We have found the solution in Blockchain technology. It all began with the presentation of virtual cash, i.e., the idea of cryptographic money in the market in 2009.

Advantages of Cryptocurrencies for online transaction

Cryptocurrencies are fundamentally tokens, designed to work as a medium of exchange and having some financial value. Cryptographic money was originated to replace the market of the traditional online transaction system.

The trading of cryptocurrency happens through a blockchain ecosystem which depends on a decentralized stage. The arrangement of digital forms of money relies on the idea of hubs, i.e., the exchange occurs from one center then onto the next.

Some of the significant benefits of cryptocurrency are listed down below:-

  • Speedy transaction

At whatever point, money is being exchanged from one source then onto the next; it would regularly take a couple of days to confirm the payment; this is because of the way that the money initially needs to travel to the third party for legitimate purposes. With Blockchain, there is merely you and your clients and no mediators to manage the stream of money. The control is fully robotized through the Blockchain’s algorithms and has ended up being exceptionally fast. 

  • No extra transaction fees

Even though there are no intermediaries associated with the exchange, clients need to pay low or no transaction fee.

Frequently the customary payment portals or online transaction do the exchanges using an outsider and charge high exchange fees. Such isn’t the situation with cryptocurrency framework.

  • No risk of burglary

Since the blockchain idea is profoundly encoded using a strategy called cryptography, following the way of the exchange turns out to be relatively unimaginable. Henceforth, there is full secrecy and no hazard or risk of burglary. In this manner, this framework does not play with the trust of individuals.

  • Misuse of personal information

Blockchain innovation is ready to be a piece of the solution by alleviating or even eliminate worries over data misuse. Blockchain enables buyers to have full control over their information. Buyers can choose who can and can’t see their applicable information. By furnishing buyers with better information security control choices and more noteworthy in transparency, blockchain innovation gives more capacity to buyers to settle on their own decisions.


The general purpose here is making it less demanding for individuals to do online transaction. Virtual money help accomplish this objective since they have no hindrances or outskirts.

At the same time, the digital currency has no noteworthy gathering which is a remarkable downside however gradually and relentlessly it is merging its position. Both developing and developed nations are authorizing and managing the utilization of cryptographic money somehow or another.


Cryptocurrency investor, software developer and talented musician, Larry Thrasher has been studying the blockchain industry since 2014 and has some great insights into the workings and functioning of technology.

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