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Teacher Coin

Teacher Coin takes advantage of the Digital and Verifiable Nature of the Blockchain to solve the complications and barriers to entry of the Retirement Market. The Blockchain based contracts connect investors and TCH financial advisors directly and securely.We also provide a platform for trading Resources and transferring money.

Ico Details
  • Presale Start Date:
  • Presale End Date:
  • Token Sale Hard Cap(Max Fund Raising Goal): 10 000 ETH
  • Token Sale Soft Cap (Minimum amount required for the project): 1 000 ETH
  • Token Symbol:
  • Token Type & Platform: ERC20, Ethereum
  • Price Per Token: 1 TCH = 0.0001 ETH
  • Know Your Customer:
  • Participation Restrictions:
  • Accepts: ETH, BTC, TRX
  • Exchange Listing:
  • Whitelist:

About Teacher Coin

We provide a platform for Teachers to purchase and sell Lesson Plans, Assessments, Videos, Supplies, Equipment and online Tutoring.  All Transactions on the platform will require the use of TCH. Educators will have an opportunity to purchase Mixed Virtual Reality Lessons beginning in Quarter 1, 2019. Teachers may send money Worldwide via our Platform. TCH can be purchased as a utility token in order to send fiat directly to a U.S. bank for a low transaction fee. All money transfers are safe and secure using transparent verifiable Smart Contracts on the Teacher Coin Platform. We are a Crypto Currency build for and maintained by Teachers. We value, appreciate and admire the Teaching Profession. Teachers inspire hope, ignite imagination and instill a love of learning. It is a highly noble profession that shapes the character and future of individuals. Our Mission is to support Teachers, giving them a platform which can be used to help them succeed.

Cameron Tareen
CEO & Head Developer
Dual Diploma & AP Program Director Mathematics/Economics Joint Degree University at Buffalo
Grace Juan Juan Tao
Developer & Business Manager Business B.A. St. Peter's University Beijing, China
Nick Nightingale
Chief Operations Officer
Head of Marketing & Social Media M.A. University of Nottingham, UK B.A. (Hons) Business Marketing, University of Wales, UK
Mark Hughes
Business Management
B.A. Business and Managerial Economics M.A. Educational Leadership and Management University of Bath
Peter Krasnopolsky
Business & Marketing Specialist
B.A. Business Management, Rutgers University M.S. International Relations Nanyang Technological University

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